Blog Post 7

*Final Product*

My project showed what I have learned by demonstrating my knowledge of critiquing. My project was designed to show and format the ways that critiques are written. The project was a website that I created based on gaming critiques. Within that website I formatted it to show how I had learned the many ways that these specific websites are created. From the placement of the logo all the way to the name was inspired by the thought of other gaming websites. This showed my understanding of how to make the website appealing to my intended audience. My project did however fall short in one way. This was that I did not make the critiques that I wrote long enough. I did not go in depth enough with the analyzation of the critique.


During the learning process I found that watching videos on my topic and actually writing my own critique based on that video helped. I am a visual learner and take more out of watching what is happening rather than listening to what is happening. This made my project easier as I was able to pause that moment and structure my analysis based on what I had just seen and heard. What made it hard to learn was having to read through many critiques and actually dedicating myself to getting what needed to be done. This slowed me down as I lost focus in what I was working on and started placing less important things in place. To tackle these issues in the future I will plan my process of learning better. Instead of just taking it day by day and having to find what needed to be done I will give each day a specific task. Even if they are small tasks it will make sure something is being done as well as having good structure and being on track so that I don’t fall behind.


With presentations I am strong with overall talking. I am able to talk without reading what I have up on the board or in front of me. I am also able to look at the audience and see their reactions which helps me determine if they are interested or not which allows me to change my way of presenting. An area of the presentation I struggled with was the time to present. I did not present for long enough and left out some of the information I wanted to talk about. This is because I get nervous when talking and tend to speed up my talking. I am not very confident talking in front of people due to judgmental comments that can be made. This all effected me during my presentation as I was more worried about what others would think instead of being me and showing who I can really be.


To have students design their own learning projects is a good idea but they cant all be at one time. The topics that are given should be presented in different quarters. This way the students are not overwhelmed with all the learning in a short period of time. I struggled to learn some of the information due to students not putting effort into their projects or the presentation making it hard to understand what was being spoken about. To improve this area of study it would be preferred that the teacher is a little more involved in helping the students make sure they are on the right track. Overall it was a good project and was good to let creativity take over learning in its good ways.


Blog 6

This week I accomplished 3 key parts to my final project. First was being able to come up with the idea of what my project would be and how I was going to create it. This lead to me being able to go ahead and sketch my project so I would know what guidelines I could follow and have a solid base for my project. After that had been accomplished I was able to start my final project which I am hoping will turn out how it has been planned to. To be able to present I need to finish completely as well as practice presentation so that I can keep the audience interested in what I am saying.

Based on what I’ve accomplished and completed so far, I think my presentation should receive a score of okay. This is due to me having a lot to still do. This is not as a result of lack of effort but because my project requires a lot of time and placement. The project however will be finished on time and will be presented as best as possible.

My next step is to finish the project and have someone else see if they can understand what I have done without me telling them what it is. I will then see if what I have done meets the standards given for the assignment so I can acquire the maximum points possible. I am going to accomplish this next step by putting as much time and effort into the project over the next 3 days. Once I have accomplished this I will be able to present the project and allow myself to teach everyone what I have learned about critiquing.

Showing a presentation

Blog Post 5

The first aspect to website design that I learned this week was the format and sponsorship. Although there are millions of websites out there it is crucial to notice that they all have a publishing sponsor. These sponsors help fund the website to get it started and eventually when the website gets more views that money is then given back. It is important to have a sponsor as they are the foundation as well as they may be very well known which will get people interested in your website.

From then on nothing else was learned but I managed to come up with a format for my website. I then went through and looked at 10 gaming websites to see what is common amongst them all. After finalizing my thoughts and what I had gathered I started to do my rough draft and sketched what essentially would be the final outcome of my project. This has helped me realize that there is a lot that has to be taken into account before launching it. I have to be careful that it does not look too similar to other websites that could get me in trouble.

Finally I learned that I needed a logo that would be recognizable and stand out against the rest. So I did, I came up with a logo that represents me. It took tame but it worked out to mean two different things. BB with the first “B” facing backwards. The website name is “Breaking Bias”. This was inspired by the fact that many people are bias towards a specific gaming platform and or game. “Breaking Bias” will be a review site that will not tolerate bias reviews. This will create a neutral environment so that gamers can gain from reviews rather than play games based on false reports by a bias gamer.


Showing the commitment to no bias reviews


What I learned this week was how to critique gaming. I found all my information from another blog post. The author of the post blogged about the steps needing to be taken to form a critique. This has helped me figure out the formatting for my final project. I received my information from another gaming critique website. Here they demonstrate all types of different ways that they break games down. The website is friendly and included details that are helpful and easy to understand. This information will help me design my final project and allow it to turn out user friendly and have the details needed to help the viewers. My next step is to start creating my actual project and apply the information from what Ive learned to make my project concrete.

I found that it is fairly easy to create a gaming website and that they don’t require a lot. When you search one you are hit with the home page. This then branches out into smaller categories for example: Action, Sci-Fi and so on. This has given me a foundation to work off for my website. I will use a similar format to those of websites I have seen hoping it will turn out easy to navigate. I chose to go through other websites to get an understanding of how to make a successful site that will be user friendly.

Gaming Website

Improvements To The Gaming World


This week I learned that there is more to critiquing gaming than just the experience of the game. The details that you have to look at are simple but give the proper feedback needed to create a credible critique. To construct a good critique of a game you need to assess each mode the game has to offer. Call of Duty is an example that falls into this category. Call of Duty has many different game modes such as; Multiplayer, Singleplayer, and Co-Ops. However within Multiplayer there are branches of modes within it. You have Domination; Capture the Flag, Search and Destroy, Rush, Team Deathmatch and so on. Some maps are also introduced to specific game modes. Capture the flag for instance may have a map assigned to it that domination does not. This is all due to the creator’s inspiration to give the players on that gaming platform their unique experience of that game mode.


The next thing I learned was the foundation of gaming critique. I found that graphics are not always looked at to determine the quality of a game. This is proven with the extremely well known Mario Bros games. Graphics are very old and pixelated yet the experience of the game overthrows that trait of the game. The graphics that are found in modern day games are outstanding and are still improving yet we still complain about it. Gaming has become a judgmental and criticizing base of electronic use. However this has helped and is still helping gaming companies to improve their games. An example of a franchise that takes criticism and uses it to improve their games is Battlefield. Battlefield 3 came out and became a huge hit. However like many other games many players did not like it . The criticism that the franchise got was turned into improvements for their latest release, Battlefield 4.


The last thing I learned was that games have changed dramatically over the years but not in the ways you might think. Discrimination is a huge part of modern day society and games used to include this in their playing. However it angered many and it got many games into trouble and had them disliked. Stereotypes have also been evaluated. For example that women should be in the kitchen. This has been changed over the years as female characters have been added into gameplay as main characters and are given the same equal roles that males have.


Female Character


Through the course of the week critiquing video games became more clear. Steps to follow are easy and the actual review takes very little time. The only time consuming part of the process is playing the game so that you can get the details that you find are necessary to write a good review. What I learned was that reviews are simply taking your opinion of your experience and how easy you found it to navigate the game. This has helped with the ideas of my final project as it will help the people that use my website share their thoughts freely.

Unit Of Study

The area of study that I have chosen is critiquing texts. The reason I chose this area of study is because I’d like to get more familiar with it. I am a gamer and a lot of the time I like to read reviews of the games I play. If I am able to get familiar about it I would like to start writing my own reviews. My unit focus is to evaluate the structure of critiquing. This focus was chosen because it is the foundation to my understanding of the unit I have chosen to study. I will know I am successful when I write my first critique and post it. I will ask someone who is familiar with critiques to critique what I have written.